Scheduling: June 1st and On

Hello my friends! I’d post a picture of myself, but I look like a hot sweaty mess after yard work and completing the garden today. How is your planting coming? Any new plans for the year?

We’ve got clarification that June 1st will NO longer have restrictions on reasons for appointments! Wellness/Maintenance for adults and children welcome!

We do have limitations on having 10 people in our clinic between chiropractic and massage patients so there may be some scheduling changes we have to do for a while, but hey, its movement forward. Please call ahead if you need supplements too so we can abide by the maximum occupancy limit, suggesting the best time for you to arrive.

We have decided instead of calling hundreds of patients back, we would really appreciate if you call us if you need anything sooner than later. We will do our best to work on our waiting list, but its huge and will take some time for us to get caught up with everyone.

Safety measures are in place and we’ll do our best to help you stay well. Please call or email if you have specific questions.

Parents: there are no toys or books so please be prepared with your little ones.

The summer schedule is going to look different this year. Hang with us as we try to be flexible thru the summer for all of our patients differing schedules and requests, while maintaining our own balance to best serve you.

Look forward to seeing you all soon! -Dr. Christine