Rocky Mountain Oils this Friday!

Get Ready for a Rocky Mountain Oils Group Order
on Friday, May 3rd!

The more we order the more everybody saves!! **

Need to add or replace some of your oils? We have an account with Rocky Mountain Oils. When you group buy with us, we buy in volume and receive a great discount for GREAT SAVINGS of 10%, 20% or 30% off!** The more we buy, the more we save!

  1. Click on this link to visit the Rocky Mountain Oils website
  2. Make a list of what you would like.
  3. Email or call us with your list.
  4. We will add it to our group order!
  5. Pay when you pick up at our office.
You are welcome to purchase from their website directly, but if we put in a group purchase thru Natural Elements- the more we spend the bigger the savings (10%, 20%, 30% off) we can pass on to you.  We will not be carrying these oils on our own retail shelving, but are offering this option to share our discount with you.
**Discounts applied at the time of pick-up and payment.
**Level of discount (10%, 20%, or 30%) will be unknown until the group buy purchase quantity is put together (total purchase order).

If you have any questions give us a call @ 320-983-2333 or send a message!