OPEN for PAIN only and Fantastic Friday is still happening!

Message from Dr. Christine:
Hey Everyone! Here I am trying to stay grounded, moving with each day as it comes. Strange feeling not seeing all of you on a daily basis. I was telling my husband, some days I feel like I walk in circles because my whole routine is imbalanced! Can’t wait for us all to see a glimpse of normal again. But I am getting time to plant a LOT of garden seeds….bring on Spring!

Fantastic Friday is still happening!
Week of April 13th through April 17th SAVE 20% on your supplements!
Most of you have been signing up for NutriDyn accounts to get your product directly to your door- fabulous!!
If you need help, contact me.
If you need product from the clinic, I need to check what is in stock (it is limited!) and schedule a time to meet you there for pick up.

Natural Elements Health Center:
Chiropractic Adjustments still need to be for pain management or emergencies. Neck pain, headaches, tingling, numbness, low back pain…pain you can’t get rid of with ice/heat, stretching or pain relievers. We just can’t see all of you who were used to your regular tune ups or maintenance care yet. Trust me, we will let you know when that restriction is lifted!
Pain Appointments: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1-4 pm

Please call or email for an appointment, messages checked several times per day!
phone 320-983-2333
email: drchristine staff

** Special Addition for Fantastic Friday Week**
Email or Phone Consults for your Nutritional Questions
COMPLIMENTARY with a Supplement Purchase!*
For current nutritional patients, due to the limitation of not being able to provide in office consultations, please take advantage of my time at home!! I am available to you for questions you may have!
*no purchase= a minimal fee may apply

No Massage Therapy available until May 4th
We do have a cancellation/ waiting list going if you want to get your name on it for us to call you right away when the restriction is lifted. Give a call or email to have your name added to the list.

I miss all of you! Keep healthy and stay safe!