New Year New You Cleanse 2016 Details…Enter to Win!

Ready for a Change?

Want a jump Start to your Health?

New Year New You Cleanse

20% Savings January 2016 on all Detoxification Essentials!

Dynamic Greens

How do I get Started?

Complete the Detox Questionnaire

Get a BIA and Visit with the Doctor**

  Established Patients 15 min   $30            New Patients  30 min    $60

**patients who are currently on a cleanse/using medical foods may enter this chance to win!  Just stop in for an updated BIA; a Before and After Snapshot to Enter


Doctor will write a prescription for your Cleanse; products qualify for 20% off all month!

Program Guide, Food List, and Support

Begin your 7, 10, or 21 day Program

Return for a BIA to Review your Success

What Can I win after my successful Cleanse?*

    Dynamic Fruits and Greens FREE for One Year

    Active B Complex FREE for One Year

    One Month FREE Dynamic Fruits and Greens

    All Participants 20% off Coupon and One FREE FOOT ION CLEANSE

*A Successful Cleanse will be determined by your BIA results.  This BioImpedence Analysis measures your toxicity level, total hydration, body fat, lean muscle mass, cellular age and sugar metabolism.  All aspects of the BIA will be considered; so women, even if you are worried men will lose more weight, they mostly lose water/bloat, ha ha… so no worries!! I can see it and the rest of the BIA matters!  Our most successful patients on this cleanse will win the FREE products, so no cheating!!

Winners from the New Year New You Cleanse will be announce at the beginning of February, after everyone has completed their chosen Cleanse Program.  This was a huge hit in 2015, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Happy Cleansing!

For more information or to schedule your doctor nutritional consult for the New Year New You Cleanse Program

 please call Trista or Sarah at 320-983-2333 or email