NEW Calm Magnesium, still time to grab some!!

Hey All, Just a quick heads up that we now have a magnesium supplement in a gummy form! Magnesium is the ‘mother’ of the minerals and I can’t tell you all the benefits. Naturally found in dark green vegetables and some nuts and seeds, most Americans are deficient.

Signs of possible magnesium deficiency:
Headaches, muscle cramps especially in calves, cravings for chocolates or sweets, brain fog, constipation, high blood pressure, and many others!

It is quite delicious, a little sticky so would recommend not right before bed and to brush those teeth….but this may be a perfect option for those kids who need some relaxation before bed or help in the digestive area, or even grown ups who are tired of the Calm drink or maybe have some crampy muscles at night. AND there is also a Sleep formula that is going over well for adults and kids!

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