It’s time for a FOOTBATH!

Ever have one done? If not you are missing out! Come over and give it a whirl.

A footbath can improve your body’s natural detoxification process; thru the skin, liver, kidneys, bladder, digestive tract and lungs. The color change in the water is a result of pH and chemical changes based on your type and level of toxicity.

We have used this therapy in conjunction with an adjustment; especially if someone is dealing with a toxicity related headache or migraine.

How much time does it take?Footbath

The average footbath session is 20-25 minutes long.

Other benefits:

 Relieve pain

 Joint stiffness

 Boost immune system

 Speed recovery time – injury/surgery

 Improves energy

Footbaths are discounted to $15 now through the month of August.

Call Trista today to schedule your footbath!! 320.983.2333