Holiday Challenge is Here!

Here it is…a Holiday Challenge for You!!

I know we have all used the excuse…oh, the Holidays, that’s why I have these extra 5 pounds.  Well, I have decided to give you an incentive to keep it off through all those delicious meals!  Don’t let the “Minnesota excuses” work about it being too cold, too much good comfort food, don’t like the snow….Let’s change our attitudes about our wintery wonderland!

Here are the RULES:

Must be a established client of Natural Elements

Weight in and do a BIA anytime during hours Monday Dec 1st – Friday Dec 5th

Through your December, eat well, move well, and enjoy yourself!!  Here are some tips:

Drink more water, flavor it with lemon, orange or tangerine to give yourself something new.  Drink a lot of water between meals to stay hydrated and keep your metabolism working.  Drink warm green tea to get the chill out, use some tumeric and ginger with honey for something different!  Limit your intake of high calorie beverages like hot cocoa (unless prepared different- see our blog post regarding using Dynamic Fruits and Greens as a great option, our kids love it too!), and alcoholic beverages.  Try a kombucha soda, or a juice with a sparking water…delicious!

Eat a LOT of GREEN vegetables!!  People all the time will tell me they just can’t eat well with other people’s food.  Try having a protein snack before you leave home, or make better choices at potluck gatherings.  Green is always a safe choice, and fill your plate with that color, and sprinkle it with a tasting of the other foods.  Try a smaller plate!!

If you are going to eat, or indulge in a high calorie sweet or meal, GET MOVING!!  Bundle up and go for a walk, snowshoe, or jump on a sled with a kid.  Don’t let yourself use excuses here, it isn’t worth it!  Trust me, you will sweat and feel much happier in the end versus sitting on the couch feeling bad about what you just ate.


Return to Weigh in and BIA during office hours Monday Jan 5th – Friday Jan 9th

Clients who have maintained or lost fat mass percentage will be entered into a drawing for:

One Year of FREE Dynamic Fruits and Greens


Each month, you will get one container (a 30 day supply) of your choice of flavor, of Dynamic Fruits and Greens for one whole year!

“This is my way of saying, Thank You, for choosing to be my clients.  You have done some hard work, and are making great strides in your health journeys, and I am excited to keep encouraging each of you on that path.  I sure hope you think this will be a fun challenge, I am sure excited to see how you all do!”

– Dr. Christine Schlenker

Call Gretchen or Sarah today to reserve a spot for yourself on this challenge!

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