Healthy Reminders from Natural Elements!

Happy Monday!

Just a few reminders about what’s going on at Natural Elements this week.

Fantastic Thursday!

Our clinic will be closed on Friday, April 19th so…
Fantastic Friday is THURSDAY April 18th – 20% off all supplements.
Give us a call at 320-983-2333 or send us an email,

If you miss it, don’t forget…you can order online all month for 15% off!

Time for your Cleanse!!

Have more Energy! Less Aches & Pain! Sleep Well! Better Concentration! More Calm and Better Mood! AND SAVE! 20% off on all your Cleansing Supplements thru May 31st!

Dr. Christine will help you get started on a cleanse that will work specifically for your body and lifestyle. Click here to learn more.

Call us today to get started with either a short term or long term cleanse!

Save on Therapeutic Massage!

Also perfect to pair with your spring cleanse! $10 off for all of April & May!
Give us a call at 320-983-2333 and we will get your appointment set up!