Give the Gifts of Health!

Let’s Talk Holidays! Give the gift of Health! 

Our shelves are stocked with Quooz Diffusers, Diffuser Necklaces, Essential Oils, Himalayan Salt Lamps, and as always our Supplements. 


We just re-stocked our selection! They come in many different colors and styles! Pair with an Essential oil for a wonderful (yet beneficial) gift. 


We are loving this Quooz Diffuser! It runs for 8-10 hours on intermittent or 6 hours on the continuous setting. This would also be great paired with an Essential Oil. The light can be shut off!!  Comes in your choice of blue or grey. (This item is 20% off for the month of December) 


Himalayan Salt Lamps provide countless benefits and release negative ions into the surrounding air. Customers have reported how their breathing has improved, their immune system has been recharged, and their sleep has been deeper and more restful. Salt Lamps do require a heat source to give off negative ions (light bulb). **Negative ions bond to the positive ions helping to clean the air.  

(this item is also 20% off for the month of December) 

Check your list or add to it! 

Don’t forget FANTASTIC FRIDAY! This Friday the 18th!!