FLU everywhere? We can help!

Seems like this season’s flu is Everywhere!

I am getting a lot of questions on how to avoid it, flu shots, and what to do if you get it. Well, the best defense is a good offense. Your body is built to fight these things. We just need to keep it strong.

Sunshine. Rest. Nutritionally dense food. Exercise. Happiness. 

Vitamin D3, Probiotics, NutriDyn Fruits & Greens. 
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Living in Minnesota we lose a lot of sunshine in the winter. People have a hard time hanging on to the vitamin D in their body. If there is stress or lack of good nutrition, and a lack of skin exposure to sun in the winter vitamin D deficiency becomes very common. Learn more about vitamin D supplementation here.

Healthy gut bacteria and good nutrition can help your immune system fight and stay strong. It is difficult to fit in the amounts of fresh fruits and greens that are available to us in the warmer months making it much more important to add in healthy supplements like Fruits & Greens and a good probiotic.

So remember this winter; sunshine, rest, nutritionally dense food, exercise, happiness, the proper amount of vitamin D, and a healthy gut will help keep your body keep up it’s good defense this winter. Come in to see me for specific recommendations related to your health and individual needs.

Wishing you all good health as we head for spring!
Dr. Christine