Fantastic Friday TOMORROW!


We have many products for immune health to stay on top of the yearly bug along with when the kiddos are feeling under the weather. blog FF

Dynamic Fruits and Greens- loaded with 20 servings of fruits and vegetables to keep your body running at its peak all winter long!  Keep those antioxidants coming in! One canister can be shared by the whole family!

Probiotics!  Keep your gut healthy with the ‘good guys!’  Chewable, capsule, powder and liquid forms available.  There are probiotics for general gut health, sinus health, and women’s health, among others. Sugar, processed foods, and not enough good veggies let the inflammatory, immune depressing bad bugs thrive in your gut.  Your gut is your number one immune defense, keep it strong!

Vitamin D!  Sources have said the cause of flu could be #1: lack of vitamin D.  If you are from Minnesota, sign you up for vitamin D deficiency, unless you can make it outside naked daily??!?!  Naked outside not doctor recommended :)’  We have capsule and liquid options available.

Immune Health Booster!  Such as Children’s Immune Health (chewable smart tart flavor) and ImmuCore (more for pill swallowers or adults) to strengthen the immune system.

Good oils and Fats- Fish Oil!  To help absorb and boost vitamin D! Liquid, gummy or capsule form, we have a version for everyone in the family.

Another favorite- Andrographis!  This formula can help kick the beginnings of a tickle in your throat or a plugged up nose.  Definitely has saved me a few times from getting sick!

We have many others to help your family out: Throat sprays for sore throats, zinc lozenges for scratchy throats, essential oils, Vitamin C in capsule, chewable, and powder form.  Echinacea, goldenseal, short term immune builders, long term immune builders, and so many more.

Stop in today or give us a call to help you get your cupboard ready before anything gets you down!

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