A Message and Updates

Hello all, wishing you well on this Memorial Day weekend. Hoping you find time to connect with those you love and honor those that have served our country.

Here are some brief updates. I say brief, because we really haven’t been given any specific changes on the chiroractic end of things, but massage has been updated. We continue on a daily basis looking for more specific definitions to the rules after June 1st, but none have been clarified yet (particularly pertaining to wellness/maintenance visits).

If you are needing chiropractic care, please make an appointment! We have so many patients say they are going to wait until after June 1 when things are reopened, but if you are hurting now, please don’t be waiting!! You do NOT have to wait until your pain is debilitating. Some have found it’s worse than they thought and it’s going to take more work to get things straightened out. And….it is very possible things may not really change. Not go back to ‘normal.’ Chiropractic care is available now, and we may have to just keep taking calls as they come and we are unsure of rules around ‘maintenance’ and ‘wellness’ care pre-planned appointments. But don’t let the limitation of not pre-planning stop you from receiving care you very well may need.

Massage with Kendra will begin the week of June 1st. There will be a new way of going about it for safety and precaution reasons, and she has been limited in the number of patients she can see for a while (phases of reopening). But please reach out if a massage would help your pain. We will do the best we can to help you while following guidelines. Please call or email the clinic with inquiry for an appt and about our safety protocol.

Massage with Rachel will be limited to fulfilling massages for those that have outstanding gift certificates for her services only. She is taking a great new adventure as she moves North with her husband this summer. She’d like to be available for the month of June for those wanting to see her with their gift cards before she moves. We will miss her deeply, but wish her nothing but health and happiness as she moves forward. Please call the clinic to connect with Rachel.

We will continue to keep you updated with any new verbiage regarding reopening June 1st. But at this time we are here and open now! Don’t keep waiting!