20% Off! Fantastic Friday & New You Challenge!

This Friday is Fantastic Friday!

It’s not too early to put your order in for 20% off all your supplement purchases! Give us a call @ 320-983-2333 or send an email to staff@naturalelementshealth.com

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Join our
New You Detox Challenge!
Jan 23rd Thru Jan 27th 

20% off Cleansing Products

  • UltraClear Plus pH and Renew
  • UltraInflamX 360
  • Estrium Whey and Estrium
  • Ultra GI Replenish
  • Dynamic Fruits and Greens

Chance to WIN!!
Dynamic Fruits and Greens…FREE for ONE YEAR!
A FREE gift to ALL who participate!

What you need to Know:

  • Doctors and staff are participating! Join us!
  • Grand Prize Winner and special gift for those that participate
  • $40- 15 minute nutritional consult with the doctor to figure out the best program for you—feel your best!
  • BIA done before and after
  • MSQ and Stress Analysis test filled out before and after
  • All participants need to have the BIA and MSQ completed and turned back in by Feb. 3rd to Qualify for GIFTS

Reveal the Happy New YOU! Give us a call at 320-983-2333!